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Somerset Training was set up in 2014 by Craig Sutton a Paramedic with over 12 years emergency care experience.

He was inspired to improve the quality occupational/early years training after his young daughters pre-school staff asked if he could provide them with a comprehensive first aid training experience where questions or scenarios that fall outside of the statutory syllabus aren’t off limits and the answers can be drawn from real life experiences.


Craig trained as an Ambulance Technician in 2002 and became a State Registered Paramedic in 2006. He also received a Ptlls Qualification in 2014 and set up Somerset Training Limited with AoFA centre approval to promote a first class and real life training experience. Began a role as a Primary Care Practitioner in 2015, designing and developing a position for Paramedics to work alongside Gp's and reduce the impact of urgent care in our doctors surgeries.  


“We know how daunting it is to be responsible for someone else’s health and we believe that having confidence coupled with the correct knowledge could be the difference in a medical emergency. That is why we constantly review the content and delivery methods of our courses with specialists in those fields to ensure that our candidates leave us with the tools to make a difference”.